Big City Blues

Sittin' in a frieght yard waitin' for a train,
Don't know baby if I'll ever get back again,
Got to leave this old town got to get away,
Can't stay here Lordanother single day,

   Cause my baby left me and I just don't know what to do
   My baby left me now I've got these big city blues

Hop inside a box car gonna hit the rail, 
Don't care where it takes me long as it's not jail,
Might head for Texas or Cal-li-for-ni-a,
I just know that I have got to get away,


Think I'll buy a six pack and drink me some beer,
While I wait for the train to take me away from here,
Well I hear that train a coming it's comin' down the track,
And when I hop aboard nowyou Know I wont be back,

  (repeat 1st verse)


  (jam fad out)