Standing On The Corner

instrumental intro

Standing on the corner waiting for my ride
Said she'd pick me up at 4 but here it's after 5
And I wonder where my babe could be
Well it looks like she's forgot all about me

Well she woke up this morning said she needed the car
I said I hope you don't have to go very far
Cause there at no fuel in that big ole tank
And you done spent all the money we had in the bank.

bridge) Well I tried to call her on her cell phone
        A voice said leave a message at the tone
        I was getting tired of standing here
        I thought I'd  go and get myself a beer

Well I walked in the bar room and there she was 
Sittin' at a table with my first Cuz
And I knew right then there's gonna be a fight
And I was hoping I wouldn't be the one to land in jail that night

inst break

bridge) Well the bar tender threw me out on the street
        A cop come bay walking his beat
        He picked me up and took to jail
        Now I ain't got no one to go my bail

Well I just don't know what to do
My pretty baby said we were threw
And the guy across the cell he's a winkin' at me
And the good Lord knows this ain't where I want to be.