First I'd like to thank all the fans and friends who requested Mild Mannered Man.  I'm over welmaned with pride to hold the number one position two weeks in a row.  I wrote the song while in Viet Nam in 1968 and had it recorded in 2003.  I owe so much to the gentlemen who helped make this song a success: (Michel Lusk vocals, Billy Anderson, keys and production, John Heinrich, steel guitar, and Butch Davis,lead guitar). I also would like to thank Fame Music Radio and Hamilton Radio Associates for playing this perticular compasition: The Pack, (DJ's Georg Hegelmann, the leader of The Pack Russ Williams, and all the members who have supported me. 

If you are not a member of The Pack, I highly recommend looing up the group (FB) and become a member.  There are so many talented indie artist with some out standing music to offer, for your listening pleasure. If you are an indie artist with music to share this is the group to be a member.  For listening pleasure there is The Pack Show, every Friday night at 10:00 EST. ( 

Last but not least, I'd like to Thank You for the support you have given.

John Cotton

The Nashville Connection 

The Nashville Connection is comprised of five musicians from the Nashville area.  The featured vocalist is:  Michael Lusk and Kim Corliss Guitarest:  Butch Davis and John Cotton Steel guitar and Sax:  John Heirich Key board and production:  Billy Anderson After writing a couple of verses to Front Porch Blues, the golden rule came to mind and John started looking for a female co-writer.  John approached Kim Corliss, who he had performed at open mic nights with.  Kim wrote the second verse and  third verse together, they thought it would sound good as a duet.  Michael had recorded a few of John's previous songs, and ask if he'd like to do the male vocals. From there to the studio and then send promo copies to a few DJ friends.  Time has past and it has now been released to all the major distributors, Amazon, ituns, google play, Spotify.  It can also be purchased at  This is the first single release with a EP digital down load and hard copy to be released in March,2018.  More imfo can be found Bio, music, fans,ect. at

A Goal and Milestone 

Another goal and milestone has been reached in my songwriting adventures. Yes it has been an adventure, because that is where I try to get my ideas. It started back in Viet Nam with Mild Mannered Man (1968) till today with Standing on the Corner.  Not a story of mine but a friend. 

A week ago this past Friday, Russ Williams, Georg Hagelmann and co-host Rebecca Hosking, gave me a nice review of my compositions and EP, soon to be released.  It keeps getting pushed back each month, for new ideas, such as two possible videos.  Then on Tuesday morning I received a phone call from Grant Noel, that one of the songs off the EP would air at number 4 on World Music Stage top 10 count down.  Also included was a short phone interview of were I got the idea for Life of Ease.  If that wasn't enough to build my ego up, Friday night when The Pack Showed aired, Georg posted The Radio Indie Alliance top 10 and there I was listed at number 10.  It is an honor for the support of fans to request John Cotton Music. From all indie artist,singer/songwriter's and musicians,we wouldn't be; without you, The Fan.............John Cotton

A Big Thank You 

There were quite a few that visited my web site the other day but only seven left comments. My web site just list the number who visited unless you leave a comment. So first I'd like to thank all that visited and wish I knew who you were. Seven did leave comments and I like to thank each and ever one and include you on my friends photo page. Some are already in there. Helen Bawden (from England) Is one of the new comers and I hope she doesn't mind me including her in the page. She is a great supporter of indie music especially of Rebecca Hosking. Welcome aboard Helen Bawden! Now for Tony, I have quite a few FB friends with first name Tony, you didn't leave your last name grrrrrrr. Tony thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment, now leave me your last name, so I can include you, if you like, in the fans and friends photo page. The other's who left comments are already in the photo section but I'd like to thank you for dropping by and checking the site out. First there was the lovely and talented Parabola West and Rebecca Hosking Thank you Ladies. Then there were two gentlemen, one who thinks he's a comedian LOL Mr. PJ Steelman and William O'neill. Thank you Gentlemen!! Well that about sums it up except if you dropped by the other day and didn't leave a comment, drop back by leave a comment so I know who you were. Everyone have a great weekend and be safe.................John Cotton

Radio Review 

I'd like to thank Russ Williams (wolfie) and Georg Haglemann for the review of the songs on my album to be released in Oct.  Quote by Russ, "I have John's album in my car and listen to it on my way home from work."He also mentioned that the album was well produced and written. The songs were not to long but not to short and lead you into the next tract.  It is not of any special genre the range is from southern rock, blues, classic and new country plus contemporary music.  Every Friday night on the Pack Show, Georg always plays one of my compositions.  The Pack Show airs every Friday night a 10PM EST (US).  If you're at home and nothing to do tune in and enjoy some great indie music by some great singer/songwriters. There are about 700 members on face book,so come and join. Many of the members have become very close and are always there for each other.  I've had an experience by one of the members calling me while in the hospital, from New Zealand.  The URL is for Fame Music Radio also on Hamilton Radio: 

Thanks Russ and Georg for all your support for all of us indie artist. 

John Cotton

Musicians I Support  Week I (Parabloa West)

Parabola West one of the up and coming stars from New Zealand.  I haven't had the pleasure of meeting this young lady yet but we have talked by phone and communicated through messages.  She moved to New Zealand in 2003 and launched her solo career.  Released her debut EP, "Did You Hear?", in March of 2014 and a hit single video, "Fire", in 2014!  I have been following this young lady for a couple years now and her talent as a song writer and performer, what can I say but, incredible. .  Many have compared her to Sarah Mc Lachian and Adel.  Her vocals are crystal clear and cut straight to the heart. 
To preview Parabola West music,  links you will enjoy: -west/sets

Hope aboard, enjoy the links and lets give this talented lady all our support for success that she deserves for her hard work.

John Cotton