A Big Thank You

There were quite a few that visited my web site the other day but only seven left comments. My web site just list the number who visited unless you leave a comment. So first I'd like to thank all that visited and wish I knew who you were. Seven did leave comments and I like to thank each and ever one and include you on my friends photo page. Some are already in there. Helen Bawden (from England) Is one of the new comers and I hope she doesn't mind me including her in the page. She is a great supporter of indie music especially of Rebecca Hosking. Welcome aboard Helen Bawden! Now for Tony, I have quite a few FB friends with first name Tony, you didn't leave your last name grrrrrrr. Tony thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment, now leave me your last name, so I can include you, if you like, in the fans and friends photo page. The other's who left comments are already in the photo section but I'd like to thank you for dropping by and checking the site out. First there was the lovely and talented Parabola West and Rebecca Hosking Thank you Ladies. Then there were two gentlemen, one who thinks he's a comedian LOL Mr. PJ Steelman and William O'neill. Thank you Gentlemen!! Well that about sums it up except if you dropped by the other day and didn't leave a comment, drop back by leave a comment so I know who you were. Everyone have a great weekend and be safe.................John Cotton

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