The Nashville Connection

The Nashville Connection is comprised of five musicians from the Nashville area.  The featured vocalist is:  Michael Lusk and Kim Corliss Guitarest:  Butch Davis and John Cotton Steel guitar and Sax:  John Heirich Key board and production:  Billy Anderson After writing a couple of verses to Front Porch Blues, the golden rule came to mind and John started looking for a female co-writer.  John approached Kim Corliss, who he had performed at open mic nights with.  Kim wrote the second verse and  third verse together, they thought it would sound good as a duet.  Michael had recorded a few of John's previous songs, and ask if he'd like to do the male vocals. From there to the studio and then send promo copies to a few DJ friends.  Time has past and it has now been released to all the major distributors, Amazon, ituns, google play, Spotify.  It can also be purchased at  This is the first single release with a EP digital down load and hard copy to be released in March,2018.  More imfo can be found Bio, music, fans,ect. at

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